Core Modules


IOTtech cloud based school management software and mobile app gives the facility of Dashboard according to user’s role. Dashboard provides representative statistical data of the student, teachers etc.

Event Management

School can manage all the events by scheduling the events, allotting the work and managing the show. School is open or close or there is any celebration of any event is schedule through ERP system in school.

Notice / Circular

The essential notifications, circulars and updates can be communicated to the teachers/ staff/parents/students immediately through school administration software. Additional facility of SMS is provided on demand.

Notice / Circular

Schools are a hub of data and information. With each day, they collect tons of data, which can be utilized for their betterment and improvement in the near future. The data can be crunched using the School ERP into meaningful information and hence provide

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The mobile version of the IOTtech cloud school management system is available as an Android app and apple app in stores. It improves the user experience in various mobile platforms.


Setting module of school management system erphelps you in creating basic settings, school profile and taking backup of data because we knew user don’t want to lose his/her data at any cost so at your end you can create a copy of backup


Parents will get alerted about the payment of the fees and due date. Parents have the facility to pay fees online. School administration can receive fee on the counter also which can be recorded in the system and receipt can be generated through erp syste


There is additional facility to maintain complete accounts of school along with management of school. There is no need to have specific accounting software for this.

Leave Management

This module helps students/ parents and staff to apply for leave online through app and sanction thereof can be granted online. This helps administration to know the strength of staff on a specific day and necessary arrangement can be done on the basis of


This module provides the facility to create and edit details of all kind of staff and their departments. Teachers can mark their attendance through school management system with mobile app. Facility to analyse and track attendance day to day basis of your

Task Manager

This module is used to assign specific task to specific person or group of persons. All such tasks are notified through this ERP & App. Recording the works etc. in task manager module of school management erp makes the administration and concerned staff a


The overall status of a student can be examined by the use of report generation option. Reports on fee payments, salary payments, exam results, attendance of staff and students are available in this section. Custom templates for the certification have als


Here details of class & students can be created and edited. Time table gives schedules of the subjects to be taught, hence become very important for every student. Availability of such time table in mobile app makes easy for the parents to select the book


This module will help you to allot seats to rooms for the purpose of exam. You will have the facility to allot invigilators for the rooms. Marking system can be defined or determined by using this module. Assessment of exams and tests can be done through


All fields related to students are available in the module. List of students with view, edit and delete facilities, online attendance, assignment of roll number, facility to set fee for individual students, student promotions, student transfers etc. are s


Parents are always bothered about their children. Nothing can convince them except live feed of vehicle location and transport attendance. All these facilities can be provided through this ERP/ App. We provide live tracking of vehicle location. For this p

Store Management

The store management module in school management ERP primarily deals with inventory tracking in the school. The notebooks, textbooks and the other accessories in the school store can be tracked. The store management module primarily deals with inventory t


There are facilities of E-mail and SMS on requirement basis. Special facility of chatting is available. For the communication of circulars and notifications and to convey the home work and assignments there are modules, which can be used for instant commu


In the student section of IOTtech easy school management software and appdetailed profile of the students can be added and edited. Some of the fields are compulsory and some are not. Schools according to need feed data of students. Complete information of


Library Management becomes very easy with this module. A user can create a list of books and record the date and name of students of it being issued and the same of it when the book is returned. It allows various features like books searching, obsolete /